Offset HD printing

Starting from the idea that colour is space, Grafiche Nardin thought to “enlarge” it and the result is clear: an HD four colour printing.
The offset HD printing is the revolution of offset printing.
The HD offset printing makes image more real because it improves depth perception and increases the quantity of details, using a very high screen value. Until now printing on paper was carried out with a maximum of 70 lines.
With the new HD technology, images are printed with a higher screen value (100 lines) acquiring a quantity of details never seen before.
It’s proved that the human eye can perceive 2.400.000 colors and the traditional offset printing can reproduce ca. 400.000 of these colors.
Why not trying to fill this enormous gap? Grafiche Nardin has invested on a new technique which involves new printing profiles and new reticulation methods which allow a very high screen value.
All this contributes to optimize the printing effect and it allows to obtain 120.000 more hues than the traditional four-colour offset printing.

The colour range and shades have been increased by 30% and moreover the depth perception has been considerably increased.
A “deeper” image is more realistic, even if it is reproduced on a flat material such as paper.
This kind of technology revolutionizes the photographic performance of every communication instrument which is printed on paper such as catalogues, brochures and folders because it allows a perfect printing of every detail.
It is particularly recommended to promote products which use textile, wood, metal, glass and for all that finishing which requires higher quality details.