FSC® Certification

FSC®, the mark of responsability forest (a non governmental entity), promote the Sustainable Certification of Forests (FM) or Chain of Custody for “transformation businesses” (CoC).
The CoC Certification is the key guaranty of the origin of wood and paper.

The CoC is an international certification system, which guarantees that the raw material used to create a product of wood or of paper, comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards have been adopted in order to guarantee that wood and its derivative products come from correctly managed and verified forests.

Grafiche Nardin was born in 1968 under the name Tipografia Nardin and its founders were the very young brothers Italo and Mauro Nardin, who had been able to learn the secrets of the art of printing at the Armenian printing studio on the island of San Lazzaro.

In 1999 the trade name “Grafiche Nardin” was born, where for several years even the founders’ sons and current owners Marco and Rossano had been working and continue to present day.

In a short time the whole production process has been renewed, at first with the introduction of a five-colour printing machine 70x100 completely computerised, and shortly after with a CTP Prepress.
Since then investments in technology have increased and now a high avant-garde level in all sectors has been reached. “Professional satisfactions”, underline Italo and Mauro, “have been many, and always related to the quality of the product”.

Quality has been and remains the most important feature of our business.